Nonument Group
mixed media

TGH-48: Nothing can happen here

Nothing can happen here, performative sound drive, view of performance inside the garage house.
Photos: Peter Giodani, 2021.

Site-specific performative sound drive, 20', 2021
sound scape 20’,
3 performers, 3 taxis

photo series, audio guide, video

Savin Sever’s parking garage, one of his masterpieces, is characterised by a distinctive duality: it is a revered example of modernist architecture of the 1960s and at the same time a neglected and “useless” building. With a sonic drive through the garage, Nonument Group drew attention to the specific structure of the building, which is not only architecturally fascinating, but, even in its supposedly problematic present existence, full of vitality and individual improvisations. Through an open reading, the structure already offers the changing city around it a platform for renewed, technologically up-to-date, socially engaged and city-forming content.

Comissioned by Cukrarna Center for Contemporary Art, curated by Alenka Gregorič.
On the Way to Cukrarna Gallery