Neja Tomšič

Workers are Leaving the Factory

Peripheral memories, exhibition view at Palazzo Costanzi, Trieste

Video essay, 4k video, 20'39", 2021
 Comissioned by IoDeposito

The video essay revisits one of the earliest images caught on film: workers leaving a factory. It looks at both sides of the coin of a specific space and time, the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy, in 2021: its shiny guarded gate, and the images behind it.

The essay was produced for the Peripheral Memories project that "aims to de-construct, rework and re-build in a collective key, and represent – through the physical body and the body of a work of art – the memory of the territories of the extreme north-eastern border (the Julian Alps and the Karst, the Udine foothills and the Isonzo), elaborating on the theme of absence and industrial divestment, while enhancing, through contemporary art practices, the industrial realities still present and active in the main sectors that have always characterized the region: the extraction and processing of metal, maritime industry, textiles and wood." 

Online exhibition, curated by Chiara Isadora Artico

Exhibitions and festivals:
OHO Award nominee exhibition, P74 Gallery, 2021
FEKK festival, side program, 2021
Festival of Slovenian Film, 2021
Days of Slovenian Film, Belgrade, 2021
Peripheral Memories, Palazzo Costanzi, Trieste, group exhibition, curated by Chiara Isadora Artico, 2021
Creative Impulses of Industral Heritage, Kibla Portal, 2021

Selected press: 
Interview for e-kino, Ostrenje pogleda (si)